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More development will border Peach Avenue
dutra 192
The area outlined in yellow in the bottom center of the map is the proposed annexation that would accommodate 192 more homes.

Development in Manteca is continuing its encroachment on the small rural residential properties along Peach Avenue.

The latest is the proposed 39.5-acre Dutra annexation that reaches the southeast corner of Peach Avenue and Oleander Avenue.

It includes plans for a 192-lot subdivision.

The annexation includes five existing small parcels.

They are being annexed into the city due to the Local Area Formation Commission’s requirements for orderly development.

The five parcels border the two current county roads. The annexation allow for consistent street improvements and connectivity.

An existing street — Sungrand Drive — in the neighborhood to the north will extend into the Dutra development.

There will also be streets connecting to Oleander and Peach avenues.

Another street will be stubbed to eventually connect to Airport Way when adjoining property to the west is developed.

The streets have been designed to avoid that street from connecting directly to Oleander Avenue to prevent it from becoming a shortcut.

Manteca’s general plan calls for property on both sides of Peach Avenue to be developed as low residential density. That means it can’t exceed eight housing units per acre. Older sections of Manteca with 6,000 square foot lots developed in the 1970s and 1980s have five homes per acre.

As growth nears Fig Avenue, the general plan calls for very low density residential development.

How far south development will eventually go depends upon the ultimate location of a cross-levee needed for protection against 200-year floods.

The annexation is before the Manteca Planning Commission when they meet Thursday, Sept. 15, at 6 p.m. at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St.


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