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Ray of Hope grateful for TP donation
TP ray

Laura Vieira-Saunders never thought she’d celebrate a big donation of toilet paper.

But that’s what took place at the Ray of Hope Children’s Crisis and Resource Services in Manteca.

“That was a big score for us,” said the Ray of Hope executive director on Wednesday.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, her Manteca-based non-profit organization has seen doubled the needs for services.

Ray of Hope, for example, went from servicing about 200 children – those were the referrals from Child Protective Services along with other local and county agencies – to 500 or so.

Included were several contributing factors.

“There’s been a large increase of immediate needs where parents have lost their jobs with their kids not being in school,” said Vieira-Saunders, who noted that her clients vary from homeless and disabled parents, to kids living in circumstances ranging from domestic violence, mental health, and a household of substance abuse.

As a result, the Children’s Crisis and Resource Services, in particular, the Kids Cupboard Food Pantry, are trying to fill these growing needs – she’s calling for donations.

“In an effort to keep it safer for those wanting to help Ray of Hope, we have created an Immediate Needs on Amazon – included is hand sanitizers, cleaning supplies, along with food supplies to provide for breakfast, lunch and dinner – so people can donate from home and have the needed items delivered here,” she said.

Ordering from Costco for delivery to Ray of Hope is another option.

Ray of Hope, in an effort to keep all parties safe from the spread of coronavirus, is having those with donation drop-offs to do so downstairs from the office located at 113 W. Yosemite Ave.

Donations for the Kids Cupboard Food Pantry – Ray of Hope has refrigerators, freezers and a warehouse to store food items – will be accepted Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 1 to 3 p.m., or by appointment.


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