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Bugle gift: It’s about random acts of kindness & not tooting his own horn
Bugle gift: It’s about random acts of kindness & not tooting his own horn
The bugles Jim Anderson is presenting to Manteca’s American Legion Post 249 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6331. - photo by JASON CAMPBELL/The Bulletin

Jim Anderson didn’t think that when he was surfing Facebook last week that he was going to be able to do something that would benefit the community for years to come. 

But when he saw that somebody broke into the car of the bugler from the Manteca Veterans of Foreign Wars post and stole the instrument that as going to be used at the Memorial Day observance later that day, he saw it as a golden opportunity to step up and take care of a veteran’s organization that selflessly provide on an ongoing basis. 

In a thread announcing that the instrument, which is used at graveside services and other formal outings, was stolen, Anderson told people not to worry about it – he had ordered one not just for the VFW, but for the American Legion as well.

“They’ll be here by next week,” said Anderson, the former law enforcement officer turned actor and singer that has been making headway in movies and television after starting out as an extra. “I’ve always been the kind of person who believes practicing random acts of kindness, and I saw this an opportunity to help out. 

“I appreciate these Vets and everything that they stand for and everything that they’ve done, and I made sure that this was handled as quickly as I could.”

While the VFW will benefit from not having to borrow a bugle for its formal appearances, the American Legion won’t have to borrow a bugle from the VFW anymore when it needs one for its own formal ceremonies – giving each local veterans’ organization their own. 

Anderson said that he has reached out to both organizations to let them know that he’ll be delivering the instruments when they arrive next week. He noted that they more than appreciative of somebody stepping in to fill the unexpected need when it arose. 

But while he appreciates the kind comments, Anderson said that he made the purchase never thinking that praise would be coming his way. 

“I’ve always told my kids, Carson and my boys, to practice random acts of kindness and to do something for somebody who needs it, whether that is sharing food or buying a pair of shoes for somebody or doing something for the community when it comes up,” Anderson said. “This is doing something positive for the community, one that I love very much, and it makes me happy to know that that neither of them will have to worry about it anymore.”

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