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Car wash being built in Spreckels Park
whisper car wash
From left, Sam Gill and Gurbir Singh are owners of Whisper Express Car Wash, 1350 Phoenix Drive, Manteca. The new business is scheduled to open in August.

Construction on Whisper Express Car Wash is nearing the end.

Located at 1350 Phoenix Drive in Manteca – directly behind the Spreckels Park Staples – the self-service car wash will feature a fully-loaded express tunnel.

At 130 feet, Whisper will have a modern high-tech drive-thru tunnel, according to owners Sam Gill and Gurbir Singh.

Both are local owners. Singh, who has 15 years of experience in the car wash business, lives in Manteca while Gill resides in Ripon.

Their new car wash will feature some of the top technology in the industry. Included are a variety of brushes for cleansing of tires, undercarriage and the body of any vehicle coupled with hanging soft microfiber clothes and an overhead high-pressure wash system amid the application of high-quality soaps and waxes, capped off by the power dry system (a dozen blow dryers) at the exit.

“We offer tire clean and tire shine,” Singh said on Monday.

Construction on Whisper began in January on the estimated 1 ½ acre site. The 130-foot express tunnel Is housed inside the 5,000 square foot building.

Another feature of Whisper is the 31 vacuum stations equipped with an air pressure nozzle for interior and exterior. “You can use the air to clean cup holders or side mirrors,” Singh said.

Each vacuum, in addition, offers three different settings so as to not lose any compression.

Customers will enter Whisper at one of three stations with a single or one of the monthly package plans – one line is reserved for those who invest in a monthly plan.

As for the differences?

The Signature Wash is the top package that includes Rain X complete surface protection, double wheel cleaning, ceramic seal and the Armor All tire shine  also comes with Free microfiber towel And Dash wipe. Cost for a single wash is $19 with the unlimited monthly plan going at $34.99.

The Shine Wash is $15 for a single or $27.99 for a monthly unlimited usage. Included in the wash is the clear coat protectant, Blue Corral triple foam polish, wheel cleaning, and undercarriage cleanse.

The Simple Wash consists of a three-step presoaking, spot free rinse and power dry. Cost is $9 for a single wash or $19.99 for the unlimited monthly package.

Whisper is scheduled to open next month with a soft opening set for Monday, Aug. 16 (all car washes are free for the week) and the grand opening set for the week of Aug. 30 through Sept. 5 (all car washes will be $5).

Whisper is currently looking to hire all aspects of the car wash operation, from scheduling to day-to-day management.

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