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Catch & release: Sprint burglary suspect arrested for more crime

Wherever Kevin Coleman goes, trouble seems to follow. 

A 45-year-old transient from Manteca, Coleman made headlines earlier this week when Manteca Police responded to a call at the Sprint company store on Hulsey Way to find him on the other side of the locked glass doors. 

When he tried to flee through a back office and up into the same ceiling fixture he presumably climbed in through, Coleman miscalculated and came crashing down through the suspended ceiling and landed on the showroom floor – finally complying with police orders and allowing them to take him into custody. 

But his release from county custody didn’t last long, and Coleman was arrested once again Thursday morning for stealing money from the cash register of a pizza restaurant before fleeing – he was captured on surveillance footage of nearby businesses trying to hide the stolen money — before police arrived. 

He was arrested for commercial burglary and for committing a felony while awaiting trial and is also being charged with an additional pair of felonies for an outstanding warrant for vehicle theft and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Coleman is currently being held at the San Joaquin County Jail on $200,000 bail, and is set to appear in Department 1 of the Manteca branch or the San Joaquin County Superior Court on Monday, March 25, at 1:25 p.m. 

Commenters on the City of Manteca’s Facebook page earlier this week pointed out an account on the social media site that appears to belong to Coleman advertising brand new cell phones and accessories that are still in their original packaging, as well as what appeared to be used cell phones and an Apple watch. While no additional charges related to possession or receiving stolen property were listed on the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s website as of Tuesday night, the additional felony charges for the warrant for a stolen vehicle and possession of a stolen vehicle appear to be new.  

Within hours of first announcing the new charges, the Manteca Police Department’s Facebook post has been shared dozens of times and generated nearly 100 comments from residents – many of whom had commented on the store earlier this week involving the Sprint store. 

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