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Coming to Manteca: Homes that meet own energy needs
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California’s greenhouse gas reduction strategy is, for all practical purposes, Manteca’s climate action plan as well as that of every city.

As such, the city had no choice but to implement a mandate that all new single family homes, duplex units, and multiple-family complexes of three stories or less must have solar energy systems.

Specifically, they must be equal  — or greater — than the home’s projected electricity usage.

That requirement was incorporated into the California Building Standards Code as of Jan. 1 of 2022.

Commercial endeavors of 3,000 square feet or more must generate 15 percent of their estimated energy needs through renewable sources with onsite or via other methods such as community solar projects.

New home buyers — unless they are the few that can pay cash — also must obtain loans to install systems as well as cover their mortgage.

It is an added upfront cost critics say increases the cost of buying a home but it also “freezes” energy costs to a degree. As such it could end up not costing more money as it would take care of ongoing costs of operating a house of which energy is the largest.

What the city’s climate action plan now being out together may include are the following strategies.
*Providing education and outreach to assist property owners in making informed decisions for building energy/efficiency upgrades (including information about replacement with electric or other non-fossil fuel equipment replacement) for residential and commercial properties.

*Developing a Home Energy Score (HES) program. Include specific provisions for low-income and vulnerable populations.

*Developing financing and/or incentivized options for rental property owners to make energy/efficiency upgrades.

*Developing policies, and/or modify the rental license program, to require minimum energy efficiency and cooling/ventilation requirements, with a priority on rental properties


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