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Community gatherings trigger new COVID-19 cases within SJ County
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Most of the new cases of COVID-19 in San Joaquin County are being tied to new outbreaks at community gatherings.

There are now a record-high 49 people in the county ill enough from the coronavirus to require hospitalization as of noon Monday. There were 42 people hospitalized on Friday.

It also has been established there have been four new outbreaks over the last week or so. Most of the 19 outbreaks to date — 52.6 percent — have been from community gatherings, 15.8 percent from congregate situations where people are housed together, and 31.6 percent from skilled nursing facilities. When there were only 15 outbreaks, 49 percent were community, 40 percent were skilled nursing homes, and 20 percent congregate.

The death toll did not change Monday. It is still at 42.

Since last week confirmed overall cases — those who are ill and those who have recovered — went from 125 last week to 140 on Monday in Manteca. Lathrop cases went from 53 to 63, and Ripon cases from 20 to 21.

Based on ZIP codes cases in the 95337 went from 64 to 72 while cases in the 95336 went from 72 to 79.

Of the 1,716 overall cases since the start of the pandemic, 766 cases are in Stockton.

Currently 793 out of the county’s 760,000 residents are ill with COVID-19. To date, there have been 923 recoveries.

While San Joaquin County doesn’t share with the public where deaths and hospitalizations are occurring or if those who have died had chronic illnesses, a Centers for Disease Control report issued Monday sheds some light on such issues. Statistics the CDC have gathered show those with a chronic illness that get sick with COVID-19 have a 20 percent chance of dying as opposed to 2 percent of those people who were otherwise healthy.

That was based on available date for the health conditions of 22 percent of the COVID-19 patients that died nationwide.


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