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Council to staff: Work to keep trucks off Airport Way
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The Manteca City Council — in blessing a deal that would allow a proposed 486 space truck parking yard to access Airport Way temporarily while a parallel private street known as Intermodal Way within the CenterPoint Business Park is extended — made it clear they want staff to find ways to ultimately prevent truck traffic from the development using Airport Way.

Also Del Webb at Woodbridge residents frustrated that a recent CHP enforcement of SJAA truck violations on Airport Way sent trucks into their neighborhood to avoid being ticketed, want the city to prohibit semi-trucks from using Daisywood and posting signs to that effect. SJAA trucks are longer and therefore have longer turning radius than conventional semi-trucks. Federal law allows them on freeways while California allows them only to travel off freeways where there are legally designated SJAA routes.

The council concerns expressed Tuesday revolve around “Street B” that runs alongside Crothall Laundry and T-intersects with Airport Way north of Daisywood that serves as the western entrance to the 1,420-home Del Webb neighborhood.

The street will be used to access the truck yard until such time the Intermodal Way extension is completed. As such as many as 816 truck trips a day may be generated as the result of allowing temporary access.

After Intermodal Way is completed, Councilman Gary Singh wants to see a bulb-out placed at the entrance to Street B making truck movements tougher eliminating left turns across Airport Way. Even if Airport Way does not become a legal truck route — it currently isn’t — Singh noted it won’t keep some trucks using it. The last thing he wants to see is a truck turning in front of a car traveling at 50 mph hour down Airport Way.

CenterPoint has secured an easement from Union Pacific Railroad needed for extending Intermodal Way. It is expected to take up to 9 months to secure a routine Army Corps of Engineers permit to cross a drainage canal.

The goal is for all truck traffic going to and from the CenterPoint Project to do so via Intermodal Way at Roth Road. The city eventually hopes to make Intermodal Way a segment of a “spine road” primarily for trucks to keep them off Airport Way. The corridor between Airport Way and the tracks that serve as the border between Manteca Lathrop is expected to see significant business park development.

CenterPoint will no longer build another road connecting to Airport Way south of Daisywood. They also will not place traffic signals at Airport Way and Street B.

Improvement plans for the large truck parking yard will also include improvements to Airport Way to minimize trick noise by incorporating overlays at transitions, trench cuts and pot holes. The other half of Street B will also be constructed.

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