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County makes it legal to get your hair cut at a shop

You can once again legally get a haircut or your hair styled in Manteca, Ripon, and Lathrop as well as elsewhere in San Joaquin County at a commercial establishment.

But be ready for a different experience.

And although it became legal to do so Tuesday, a survey of several hair care establishments indicate many expect to take days to comply with an exhaustive list of COVID-19 protocols before they can start seeing clients again.

Among the required protocols:

*Both clients and staff must wear face masks. Customers are encouraged to wear face coverings with ear loops to ensure the mask doesn’t interfere with hair cutting.

*Patrons will need to use hand sanitizers.

*The use of contactless payment systems or credit cards is encouraged. If that is not possible customers should come with an exact cash payment or check.

*Amenities for customers such as magazines, books, coffee, water, and other items such as toys for children must be removed from reception areas.

*Work stations must be cleaned between customer appointments.

*The availability of walk-in appointments will be suspended.

*Contact customers before visits to confirm appointments and ask if they are exhibiting any symptoms, have been sick, or exposed to anyone who has been sick. If the customer answers in the affirmative to any of the questions, reschedule the appointment at least 10 days into the future.

*Stagger appointments to reduce reception congestion and ensure adequate time for proper cleaning,

*Consider serving fewer customers per day or expanding operating hours.

*Consider asking customers to come to the salon with their hair freshly washed — if appropriate for what they are having done — in order to minimize time for the appointment.

*Customers should not bring children or others with them to the appointment.

*If possible, implement virtual check-in technology to ensure that workers are notified when a customer has arrived.

*Ask customers to wait outside or in their cars rather than congregating in the barber shop or salon.

*In larger locations, reception areas should only have one customer at a time and square social distancing including the removal of chairs and sofas.

*Wherever possible, doors should be left open if they do not open and close automatically.


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