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DeBrum raises $42,151 so far for Manteca’s mayor’s race
Overall donations top $104,000 in Nov. 6 municipal election
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Mayor Steve DeBrum has raised $42,151 in donations so far in his bid to get re-elected on Nov. 6.

It includes the biggest campaign donation in Manteca history in the form of a $5,000 donation from the Punjabi-American Association of Manteca.

Challenger Ben Cantu — who has yet to file the reporting form for the period ending Sept. 22 —was up to $12,275 earlier this month after a $1,200 in-kind donation from Pedro Oropeza in the form of office space.

In their last match up in 2014 DeBrum raised $46,404 and Cantu $6,649.

In the council race, newcomer David Breitenbucher raised $8,985 during the reporting period ending Sept. 22 to bring his overall total to $9,595 so far.

Incumbent Mike Morowit received $4,000 since the last reporting period that included John Kisst Sr., $1,000; Beacon Land Company, $1,000; Toni Raymus, $1,000, and Edward Machado, $1,000. Challenger Jose Nuno received $1,000 from the Punjabi-American Association of Manteca.

Chris Silva did not report receiving any donations over $1,000 since the last filing period ended July 31.

Under new reporting laws require donations of $1,000 or more have to be filed within 24 hours following the end of the first campaign reporting period on June 30. The deadline for filing disclosure statements for the period ending Sept. 22 is later this month.

So far Nuno leads the council fundraising effort with $28,634 in the campaign for two seats.

Overall between the six candidates $104,636 has been raised so far. The overall election cycle record for fundraising in Manteca was $125,000 the last time the two council seats and mayor’s position were up for grabs four years ago.

Gary Singh — who is now midway through his first four-year term — set the individual high mark of $51,405 in his successful 2014 campaign when there were only two council seats up for grabs.

DeBrum’s latest contributions include: Punjabi-Association of Manteca, $5,000; Fairway Land Holding Company, $2,000; Manteca Trailer & Motorhome, $2,000; A&G Enterprises, $1,000; Toni Raymus, $1,000; Roger Hartley, $2,000; A&G Enterprises, $2,000; Fairway Land Holding Company, $2,000; Real Estate Store-Dominic Focaracci, $1,000; Beacon Land Company, $1,000; Edward Machado, $1,000; Port Freight, $1,000; Northern California Carpenters Regional Council, $1,000; A. Rossi, $1,000; Tx3 Enterprises, $1,000; Beacon land Company, $1,000; Ed Machado,  $1,000; 1950 Yosemite Avenue Inc., $500; Michelson Labortories, $500; Manteca Development Group, $500; Gurdeep Singh, $500; Sunrise Trucking, $500; Central Labor Council of San Joaquin & Calaveras Counties; California Freight Sales, $400; Center Plumbing, $300; Castelannelli Brothers, $250; Sukhvinder Sandu, $250; Miriam Cabral, $250; Surinder Bahai, $250; C&A Transportation, $250; Bhajan Singh Bhinder, $201; Arvin Reed, $150; Peggy Thompson, $100; Balraj Lai, $100; Richard Teicheira, $100; Thaera Scluer, $100; Rick Wentworth, $100; Jay Holmes, $100; Ethan Ives, $100; Sucha Sihota, $100; Cardoza Enterprises, $100;

Breitenbucher’s lastest contributions include: Dennis Williams, $1,000; Tx3 Enterprises, $1,000; Toni Raymus, $500; Franco Torrice, $500; Tedra Torrice, $500; Jay and Linda Hoff, $500; Richard and Linda Silverman $250;  Stephen Cosentino, $250; Daniel Nunes, $250; Prima Frutta, $250; Brocchini Family Partnership, $250; Charles McKay, $200; Javinder Singh, $200; Alex Laffranchi, $200; Lyle Hughes, $150; Hogan Drywall, $150; Glenn and Lois Page $100; Howard Seligman, $100; Dan Triglia, $100; Sandra Breitenbucher, $100; Toni and Les Lundgren, $100; Alan Nakanishi, $100; Elliott for Supervisor, $100; Mitchell Major, $100; Myra Morenzone, $100; Ken Vogel, $100; Chuck Winn, $100; Phil and Brenda Yepez, $100;



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