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Fireworks sales now underway
fireworks stand

The sale of safe and sane fireworks kick off today.

For some of the non-profits – school, church, civic group or club – these next few days leading to the Fourth of July will be one of their major fundraising projects of the year.

An area spokesperson from Phantom Fireworks mentioned that most of the fireworks booths are expected to be open by noon.

Besides Phantom, Manteca, Lathrop and Ripon also have TNT Firework booths.

Here are the locations of the fundraising groups selling TNT Fireworks:

  • Manteca – 900-1090 N. Main St., 1200 W. Lathrop Rd., 125-295 W. Louise Rd., West Yosemite Avenue / Union Road, 1205 S. Main St., Mission Ridge Drive / South Main Street.
  • Lathrop – 15240 S. Harlan Rd., 200 Louise Ave., 16858 Golden Valley Pkwy.
  • Ripon – 1421 W. Colony Oak, 206 S. Stockton Ave.

Phantom Fireworks can be found at these locations:

  • Manteca – 131 Spreckels Ave., 1081 S. Main St., 600 W. Yosemite Ave., 1630 E. Yosemite Ave., 848-1134 Lifestyle St., 650 Northgate Dr., 1125 N. Union Rd., 815 W. Lathrop Rd., 1100 S. Airport Wy.
  • Lathrop – 15005 Cambridge Dr., Harlan Road / Louise Avenue, 1357 E. Louise Ave.
  • Ripon – 1501 Jack Tone Rd., 150 N. Wilma Ave.

For more information, log on to for TNT or for Phantom.

Under state law cities that allow the sale of safe and sane fireworks cannot begin sales more than seven days before the Fourth of July. At the same time state law makes it legal to discharge safe and sane fireworks from the time sales start today until midnight on July 4.