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Award named in honor of longtime Ripon resident

The memory of Frank Beeler lives on.

The longtime Ripon resident who passed away in 2009 served as the water and wastewater supervisor for the City of Lodi.

He was also an active participant and advocate for the Lower Mokelumne River Watershed Stewardship Plan and the Lower Mokelumne River Watershed Stewardship Steering Committee.

The Frank R. Beeler Watershed Stewardship Award is presented annually to acknowledge and recognize those – individuals or organization – within the Lower Mokelumne River watershed that has shown outstanding leadership, responsibility or activism in the promotion of sound and innovative natural resource stewardship practices that help sustain the environment and enhance productivity and profitability of this river’s watershed.

The City of Ripon shared in the announcement of the Lodi News-Sentinel as being this year’s recipient.

The newspaper staff was recognized for guiding and teaching students during the production of the annual Mokelumne Current – students, in this case, wrote and promoted the health of the Lower Mokelumne River ecosystem in the publication.

Beeler was a 1971 graduate of Ripon High.

He was also a world-class powerlifter, winning many national and international medals over the years.

Past recipients of the Beeler Award include Kathy Grant (City of Lodi), Brad Lange (Lange Twins), Chris Locke (Locke Ranch), Tom Hoffman (Heritage Oak Winery), Vino Farms LLC, the Center for Land-Based Learning (SLEWS program), Anders Christensen (Woodbridge Irrigation District), John Brodie (former Lower Mokelumne River Watershed Coordinator for the San Joaquin County Resource Conservation District), and the City of Lodi’s Storm Drain Detective LUSD Team.