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Workshop provides details of work starting this summer; seeks input on new projects
Yosemite Avenue from Main Street to Cottage Avenue will have 5-foot wide solid green bike lanes as part of a pavement rehabilitation project.
Manteca is seeking citizen input on potential future road upgrades to existing arterials in a bid to establish priorities as well as improve the city’s chances of securing state and federal funds.
Input on six possible projects is being sought during the Wednesday, May 30, community meeting from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Manteca Senior Center, 295 Cherry Lane.  City staff will also provide an update on the construction sequencing and scheduling as well as traffic control to upgrade pavement on Main Street from Atherton Drive to Yosemite Avenue as well as on Yosemite Avenue from Main Street to Cottage Avenue.
Those two road projects will include pavement rehabilitation, re-striping, traffic signs, LED flashing beacons at various crosswalks and new bike lanes. It also involves enhancing safety for bicyclists and pedestrians as well as improving safe school, routes.
Work on the two corridors will start this summer.
The second part of the workshop focusing on potential projects is a first for Manteca.
Public Works Director Mark Houghton noted the city hopes to secure residents’ input and comments to determine not just the priority of projects and what is needed but to strengthen applications for funding that can build on what road money the city already secures.
The six potential projects emphasize pedestrian and bicyclist safety in a bid to tap into money set aside specifically for those purposes by regional, state, and federal governments.
The projects involve:
Yosemite Avenue from Union Road to Walnut Avenue: This would involve bike lanes, crosswalk enhancements. safety improvements at the railroad crossing, flush or raised medians, and an option to extend such improvements to the ACE station.
Lathrop Road from Crestwood Avenue to Airport Way: Bike lanes, sidewalk gap closure, and connecting to Tidewater Bikeway.
Main Street from Yosemite Avenue to Northgate Drive: Bike lanes from Alameda to Northgate, Class III sharrows — markings that indicate where bicyclists can share a lane with vehicles — on Lincoln Avenue from Alameda to Yosemite, bike lanes on Alameda from Lincoln to Main, and crosswalk enhancements.
Airport Way from Daniels Street to Yosemite Avenue: Bike lanes with an option to extend to Louise Avenue and/or Lathrop Road.
Center Street from Elm Street to Fremont Avenue: Crosswalk enhancements and bike lanes.
Woodward Avenue bike path project: Bike lanes, crosswalk enhancement, connections to the Tidewater Bikeway, and creation of a new regional bike path loop.

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