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Manteca not breaking up illegal encampments during virus pandemic
manteca camp

Illegal homeless encampments around Manteca are being allowed to stay in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manteca Police are doing so on directives issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Gov. Gavin Newsom. The rational is public health is better protected — as well of that of transients — if the homeless aren’t constantly by rousted from their illegal encampments.

Police on Tuesday did respond to a homeless individual who had parked a series of nine carts attached together that was left along Industrial Park Drive. That is a somewhat different issue.

Officers, who have been working with the woman who has parked her carts that at one point included a bed on wheels elsewhere in Manteca on sidewalks and such, addressed that issue.

San Joaquin County officials are in the process of wrapping up a deal with a motel owner in Stockton for temporary housing for homeless who may become ill from COVID-19 but not severe enough to require hospitalization as well as for the portion of the homeless population deemed most susceptible to the coronavirus. They will be housed in two separate buildings at the motel complex.

The renting of the motel is being made possible through emergency pandemic funds being distributed by the state.

It will be the responsibility of local jurisdiction to transport affected homeless to the motel.

City staff Wednesday indicated they are continuing to work on long-term solutions to address Manteca’s homeless problems.


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