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Manteca Police threaten to close all non-essential businesses staying open
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Manteca Police are now threatening to shutdown non-essential businesses that are not complying with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s emergency order issued March 19 to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision to use police power to shutter businesses that do not voluntarily comply was made Sunday as San Joaquin County recorded its fifth coronavirus death. At the same time conformed coronavirus cases in the county reached 121 on Sunday, up 28 cases since Friday.

The police department made a copy of the cease and desist order available that also comes with a potential misdemeanor charge that carries a fine and possible jail time. The order includes language stating if police were not provided with written confirmation by April 2 with complete compliance and the shutting down of the business in question that police “will move forward with tools at our disposal” to shutdown businesses. They did not elaborate on how exactly they would go about shutting down businesses or what “tools” they had at their disposal.

The police have yet to issue such an order as they indicated those they have contacted have voluntarily complied.

Police said they have been fielding numerous calls from citizens about businesses the public believes should be closed.

Manteca Police are encouraging people to report businesses they believe are in violation by emailing information about the business in question to

Police indicated the reminder about not violating the governor’s order is directed primarily at bars/pubs/taverns, dine-in restaurants, personal training facilities/gyms/health clubs, nail salons/barbershops/hair cutters, and non-essential retail stores.

The governor’s order could be in effect through at least the end of April if he follows President Trump’s decision Sunday to extend social distancing guidelines to April 30.

If that happens, most businesses will be closed at least six weeks. Given employment claims have a time lag to begin with before they are approved and California is dealing with a record one million new claims and that the earliest the one-time $1,200 federal payment will be made is three weeks to those with automatic deposit and three or four months for those that don’t have direct deposit that includes the lion’s share of low-income workers hit the hardest, the economic impact on households could be devastating.

City parks remain closed and all non-essential travel has been prohibited based on emergency orders issued by county health officials.


City maintaining center

to answer questions


The City of Manteca emergency command center is operating daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. to try and answer what questions they can from citizens emailing or calling in as well as to monitor the ongoing situation.

The phone number for questions related to the coronavirus emergency is 456-8854 while the email is

The City of Manteca is also maintaining a coronavirus update site on its website at

It is on top of the home page. Click on the banner and it sends you to resources dealing with the pandemic from the Centers for Disease Control to state and county agencies. There is also information regarding what businesses can remain open as well as possible help with virus related financial issues.


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