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What departing council has left the city
511 tactical.JPG
The Tactical 5.11 distribution center and retail store on Airport Way was just one of the Manteca City Council’s accomplishments during the past four years.

A handshake and a hug before turning over the gavel to Ben Cantu wasn’t the only thing outgoing Mayor Steve DeBrum left for his predecessor.

During the last four years as mayor DeBrum along with outgoing council members Mike Morowit and Richard Silverman along with Debby Moorhead and Gary Singh who are midway through a four year term as well as Vince Hernandez and John Harris who stepped down two years ago either completed or put in motion so work can start on the following endeavors:

The development of CenterPoint Business Park with 5.11 Tactical and Penske Logistics (Lowe’s Home Improvement) distribution centers opening along with an e-commerce distribution center ready to break ground.

Securing Amazon Plus as well as an additional 700,000 square feet of distribution centers including Medline.

Secured and broke ground on the 500-room hotel and indoor water park that represents a $180 million investment by Great Wolf and will provide 500 jobs when it opens in 2020.

Completed the dog park.

Brought police staffing to its highest level ever.

Put in place homeless initiatives including two community resource officers that will be converted into police officer positions in January to work directly with homeless in a bid to get them reunited with families or off the streets into jobs or treatment programs in addition to addressing the enforcement of laws.

Broke ground on additional low-income subsidized apartments for seniors being built along Cottage Avenue.

Put in place full staffing for the fourth fire station on Lathrop Road.

Staffed the fire rescue unit 24/7.

Broke ground on the fifth fire station at Atherton Drive and Woodward Avenue.

Constructed two more water wells.

Imposed a multi-dimensional water conservation program.

Started work on establishing 200-year flood protection.

Working toward compliance with state mandated groundwater rules so the city doesn’t pump more ground water than is replenished in a given year.

Moved forward with a wastewater treatment plant solar project in a bid to almost eliminate annual electrical bills in excess of $1.6 million need to treat sewage.

Started construction of the food waste to fuel facility at the wastewater treatment plant that ultimately will use garbage to fuel the city’s solid waste collection trucks using compressed gas.

Issued the contract to build California’s first converging diamond interchange at Union Road and the 120 Bypass.

Moved the McKinley Avenue/120 Bypass interchange project forward.

Was able to secure regional support in a bid to get work started on a solution to traffic congestion and accident issues surrounding the Highway 99/120 Bypass interchange.

Built the Manteca Veterans Center/Moffat Community Center.

Started work on constructing the Atherton Drive gap between Union Road and Airport Way.

Fully funded the city’s rainy day fund for future economic downturns.

Kept the general fund unencumbered by bonds and the city in sound financial health to secure an AA2 credit rating.

Balanced the budget free of a structural deficit for four years.

Took steps to reduce the financial threat of funding CalPERS retirement obligation by imposing a split benefit system with new hires having to wait longer for retirement and well as to contribute more. The council also established a fund to partially use budget surpluses to reduce the size of the city’s future pension obligations.

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