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Qualified low-income seniors can get a rate break
Solid waste carts - photo by Journal file photo

The only Manteca households that will avoid seeing their solid waste monthly charge soar to $63.07 by 2027 are qualified low-income seniors.

The current senior low-income solid waste rate is $19.72  a month.

Qualified seniors, under the rate hikes as proposed, would start paying $23.71 a month later this year.

Then after that for the next four years the rate:

*On Jan. 1, 2024 would go up $1.75 a month to $25.46.

*On Jan. 1, 2025 would go up $1.88 a month to $27.34.

*On Jan. 1, 2026 would go up $2.02 a month to $29.36.

*On Jan. 1, 2027 would go up $2.18 a month to $31.54.

To qualify for the lower rate, a senior household, must meet he same requirements needed to obtain

sewer rate discounts under household incomes levels established by San Joaquín County.

Those requirements currently are

*You must by 60 years of age.

*You must be named on the City of Manteca utility account.

Annual household income cannot exceed:

* $29,000 for a one-person household.

*$33,150 for a two-person household.

*$37,300 for a three- person household.

*$41,400 for a four-person household.

*$44,750 for a five-person household.

You must give proof of your most recent income.

Currently, several hundred households qualified for low-income senior rates in Manteca.

As such, they receive a $5 a month discount on sewer charges.

They are also paying $19.72 a month currently for solid waste collection.

That compares to $30.67 for the current small 32-gallon cart.

In a switch to universal carts, low-income seniors will receive a 95-gallon cart.


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