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Ripon looking to make downtown street upgrades
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The Ripon City Council will look towards entering an agreement with the services of GHD Inc. on a downtown transportation study at today’s 6 p.m. open session.

The monthly meeting in the Council Chambers, 259 N. Wilma Ave., will involve sidewalks, alleys, streets and parking improvements along Stockton Avenue, Second Street, Acacia Street and the Frontage Road, according to the report by City Administrator Kevin Werner.

Elected leaders, in 2014, adopted a policy in which 33 percent of the general fund surplus would be earmarked for the reconstruction of any failed streets and roads.

Fast forward to nearly five months ago when Council directed staff to move forward in obtaining a consultant to identify the scope and phasing along the downtown streets – the results of this work would be used to determined future capital projects in this area.

Werner indicated in his December report that $1.9 million being available in the Street & Road Reserve fund.

Mayor Leo Zuber is expected to receive the go-ahead to enter into an agreement with GHD Inc. as the consultants for the downtown transportation study.

Cost is estimated at $36,200, which will be paid via the Street & Road Reserve fund.

In other agenda items, Council will:

Authorize the mayor to sign an agreement with HCS Engineering Inc. to provide the electrical engineering design for the Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project (Cost not to exceed $2,200).

Give the OK for the mayor to enter into an agreement with SKW & Association for the design services for the Senior Center façade improvement project (Cost not to exceed $13,800).

Approve MCR Engineering Inc. to provide the inspections and design services for various projects (cost not to exceed $60,000).

Approve and authorize the mayor to sign the agreement with Fehr & Peers to provide the traffic signal electrical design for the Colony Oak and Hoff Signal Project (coast not to exceed $29,700).

Accept the donation of a butterfly garden at Mavis Stouffer Park while directing staff to work with Ripon Garden Club, as requested in the donation proposal. 

For more information, call Ripon City Hall at 209.599.2108 or log on to