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Ripon seeking non-profits to work are recycling center & receive 100% of proceeds
Ripon Recycle
Bulletin file photo Ripon Mayor Leo Zuber inspects the recycling compactor

Changes are coming to the Ripon Recycling Center.

Mayor Leo Zuber made that announcement at the recent Ripon City Council meeting.

The facility located at 178 S. Industrial Ave. will offering a unique opportunity for residents and businesses.

They’ll be allowed to drop off recycled materials with 100 percent of the revenue generated from the sales of recycled materials going to “the local nonprofits that are volunteering,” according to the City of Ripon press release on Tuesday.

The Recycling Center has been operating in partnership with the City of Ripon, Ripon Unified Parent Faculty Clubs, and American Recycling since 2005.

Effective at the end of May, the RUSD PTC will no longer be participating in the Ripon Recycling Center.

With that, the City is now seeking local non-profit organizations to help with the operations of the Ripon Recycling Center.

“Participation hours may vary, typically the Recycling Center is staffed by volunteers, eight hours per week, and all proceeds from the recycled materials will be distributed back to the non-profit organizations,” the City of Ripon added.

Meanwhile, residents and businesses, by dropping off their recyclable materials at the Recycling Center – 327 tons of cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass and electronics – are removed each year from customers back cans, in turn, saving Ripon residents the expense of the City to dispose of these materials while generating revenue for the local non-profits.

For more information, call Joanne Beukelman at 209.599.2108.