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Ripon takes steps to fix sidewalk tripping hazards at 25 spots
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The City of Ripon had initially identified 19 locations throughout town with sidewalk trip hazards.

Six more were recently discovered.

In an effort to smooth things out, the Ripon City Council moved forward by hiring local company Vaughan Construction for the maintenance contract.

That was back in July. Mayor Jake Parks was authorized to sign the First Amendment to the Sidewalk Maintenance Repair Contract with Vaughan Construction to handle removal and repair. Cost was not to exceed $50,000 paid via Street & Road Fund.

Vaughan repaired several trip hazards throughout Ripon. As of Oct. 1, there was $6,708 left in the contract, according to Engineering Supervisor Elizabeth Quilici.

But then six more trip hazards were found and repair at a total cost of $29,265.

At the Oct. 13 meeting, Councilman Leo Zuber sought clarification of the initial $50,000 contract and “now another contract for the same amount,” bringing the total to $100,000.

Quilici, for her part, confirmed that was correct.

“The City does get reimbursed through the homeowners when it is their responsibility,” she said.

Quilici, in addition, promised Zuber that she’ll provide a report on how much homeowners had to pay and what the net cost was to the City.