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Ripon Unified enrollment near pre-pandemic levels
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The Ripon Unified District Office building received a fresh coat of paint over the summer

Since the return to in-person learning, the Ripon Unified School District posted enrollment numbers comparable to that of two years ago.

These were figures taken from April 5 through April 30 of this past year, in which 3,231 students were either in the classroom or continuing to receive instructions via virtual (elementary school) or distant learning.

During that same span in 2018-2019, RUSD reported enrollment was at 3,244 – no numbers were available last year due to the statewide stay-at-home orders meant students having to receive instructions strictly online to finish out the school year.

The elementary school sites – namely, Ripon Elementary (425), Ripona (426), Weston (420), Colony Oak (431) and Park View (416) – made up for a bulk of the recent enrollment numbers.

Ripon High accounted for 982 students during that ninth month report.

Eighty-nine students continued with virtual or distance learning.

Independent Study (41) and Harvest High (41) rounded out the RUSD enrollment report from Monday’s school board meeting.