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Ripon water use down 16.7%
Ripon ground water still down a foot

The City of Ripon reduced water usage last month by 16.7 percent.

That’s the figure for August as provided by Director of Public Works Ted Johnston at a Ripon City Council meeting earlier this month

Once again, he used the water levels from 2013 to make the base-line comparison.

Johnston added that the running tally for the city-wide water reduction effort at 23.4 percent for the past 12 months.

The ground water in Ripon is currently at the depth of 38 feet, which, according to Johnston, is “down about a foot from last year,” he said.

“We still have four months to go (for this year),” Johnston added.

He’s hopeful of the water levels rising up a bit between now and the end of the year.

Johnston said that seven of the city wells are being monitored for the water levels.

Ripon, meanwhile, has finally filled the vacant post of Water Conservation Coordinator.

The three-day city-wide usage for outdoor watering lawns and gardens will continue through the end of October.

After that, Ripon will go to the winter watering schedule for landscaping.