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Ripon’s ‘Bless Our City’ campaign for small businesses ends Saturday
love ripon
Ripon Chamber of Commerce CEO / President Kelly Donohue shows her support for local businesses during Love Ripon's "Bless Our City" Week of Giving.

Love Ripon, in recent years, was a day committed to helping and sprucing up the community.

But that was before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Enter "Bless Our City," which, through Love Ripon, is a week of giving that officially kicked off on Sunday.

According to Love Ripon President Annette Schroen, " Bless Our City" week involves the entire community to come together financially in an effort to help local businesses survive during these difficult economic times.

'"Many have been hit hard," she said on Thursday. "What we collect will help them financially."

Thus far, Schroen has been overwhelmed with generosity from the likes of city leaders, church groups, and service groups, to name a few.

"We've been super excited -- people in Ripon have always been generous. They're even more so (amid the pandemic)," she said.

"Bless Our City" Week of Giving concludes on Saturday.

That was the day Love Ripon initially set aside. Schroen indicated that folks still had safety concerns and opted for the Week of Giving.

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