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Second time a charm for Maple Avenue?
Maple Avenue
The new pavement that’s in the 100 block of Maple Avenue.

Maple Avenue merchants have been told by city officials to expect the pavement contractor to return to the 100 block of Maple Avenue for a redo.

The city was far from satisfied with the aftermath of the original overlay. Part of the issues stem from allowing the public to drive on the street before the asphalt seal had time to cure. The result was permanent displays of tire tracks in the asphalt.

City nixes candidates

forum in council chambers

For the better part of three decades, the Manteca Chamber of Commerce and then the San Joaquin County League of Women Voters conducted Manteca council and mayor candidate forums for the pubic at the Manteca Civic Center council chambers.  Not any more.

It is no longer being allowed with the League of Women Voters being told use of the chambers for that purpose would be considered campaigning and therefore it would be an illegal use of public property.

Checking with other nearby cities Ripon has allowed the Ripon Chamber of Commerce to use its council chambers for council candidate forums while Stockton and Lathrop have allowed the League of Women voters to do the same for council candidates in their respective communities.

For more than 20 years when the Manteca Chamber of Commerce was conducting the public forums the event was even carried live on Comcast Channel 97 using equipment the city was provided by Comcast. It is the same channel that provides live coverage of council meetings.

The chamber has moved away from hosting the council candidates forum to a luncheon format where not just council candidates are invited but those seeking election to the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors, the Assembly, and the State Senate. They are planning a candidates’ luncheon in the coming months that — unlike the forum that was free — will have a $10 charge to cover lunch.

The League is now scrambling to find a venue that has a sound system to give Manteca voters a chance to hear what the candidates have to say and answer questions in one setting.


More ‘out of service’

restroom reports plus

homeless pilfer soda

For those who believe homeless issues are an exclusive downtown  issue in Manteca, several readers have sent in comments after reading Tarsha Godfrey’s frustrations at trying to find a restroom that wasn’t “out of service” at a gas station.

Kathy Buchanann reports at least one Carl’s Jr. location provides tokens for customers to use restrooms to prevent “certain people” from using them.

Other readers report a rash of other fast food restaurants with “out of service” restrooms. They also echoed Godrey’s frustrations with gas stations that they say several years ago had no issue with the public using their facilities.

A fast food worker in a location along East Yosemite Avenue indicated one of the worst aspects of his job is being sent in to clean a restroom after a homeless person has used it to take a “bath.”

That same worker said that management has told them not to confront homeless individuals that walk into the fast food restaurant with a cup and help themselves to soda without paying for it.

Across the street at In and Out Burger, Bulletin reporter Glenn Kahl on two different occasions saw a homeless man come into the restaurant and hop across the floor — he has one leg — and help himself to soda without paying. Each time he then would take a seat. An out-of-town diner on one of those occasions bought him lunch.

It fits into a narrative several food store clerks have provided that they have been specifically told not to confront homeless that steal items.


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