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Wheeler seeking to preserve vibrancy & security of Ripon life
Ripon council hopeful
Tim Wheeler

Tim Wheeler is well-invested in Ripon.

He’s raising his family here, runs his own business and is involved in various business endeavors including plans for a pair of two-story commercial buildings with a courtyard on the corner of Second Street and North Stockton Avenue.

Wheeler, who for the past three years has been the owner and operator of Tim Wheeler CPA in downtown Ripon, indicated that the exterior will be a mix of brick façade, tying into the downtown arches and architect.

“My desire is to better our downtown district for myself and our kids,” he said.

Wheeler is looking to do  that by running for Ripon City Council. He’s one of five candidates in the Nov. 3 election vying for three available seats (a sixth candidate, Trenten Phillips, recently opted not to run by suspending his campaign).

He and his wife, Nicole, are parents to three small children. “They had fun putting up the (campaign) yard signs,” said Wheeler, who grew up in Manteca.

He attended Neil Hafley Elementary School and East Union High, and is a graduate of the Class of 2002.

His career was set in motion at a relatively young age.

At 16, Wheeler, while at EU, took an ROP class that landed him a job at the local Bank of America branch.

That’s where he took to financing along with doing taxes – personal and commercial – and the opportunity to work for Bill Pollard CPA in Tracy.

Along the way, Wheeler earned his degrees, including a Masters, in Accounting.

After 14 years of commuting to Tracy, he opened Tim Wheeler CPA in downtown Ripon in recent years.

He’s proud to call Ripon home and hopes to become more involved along the way.

“I strive to preserve the vibrancy and life that this city has brought to all of us,” said Wheeler, who credited the leadership of Ripon over the years.

He added: “Safety and security is especially important to me – I value all the residents in Ripon and I have a strong desire to support our small businesses and to help see Ripon thrive.”