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Obama bucks = bus shelters
Manteca ready to spend $1.3M in stimulus money
This is what the Manteca Transit bus shelters may look like.
If you ride Manteca Transit and don’t like standing around waiting for the bus, soon you’ll be able to thank the housing mortgage meltdown for providing bus stop benches.

The Manteca City Council is expected to approve specifications tonight to spend $1,353,798 in federal stimulus funds to pay for bus stop shelters, benches, and other passenger amenities along city streets.

The $1.3 million awarded by the federal government under President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act are designated specifically for transit system bus shelters. The stimulus funds were in response to the housing mortgage meltdown.

In the summer of 2010 when the city was first notified they would receive the money  it was estimated the funding would provide for upwards of 20 shelters complete with benches plus possibly another 20 stops that would receive benches only.

A separate bid will be awarded at a later date for the actual installation of the bus shelters and benches.

The benches, shelters, and trash can receptacles will mirror the Tidewater Bike Path motif in keeping with a city decision to carry that design standard throughout Manteca wherever and whenever possible.

The shelters will go at heavy use locations primarily in commercial areas and bus stops such as those serving hospitals and the Civic Center.

The city has already used $823,042 in stimulus funds to buy three Dial-a-Ride vehicles and four fixed route vehicles for Manteca Transit. Another $133,400 in federal stimulus funds will pay to install safety cameras at various bus stops.