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Passersby see smoke coming from Passersby see smoke coming from home
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A Manteca woman who had  just left a bank, a local alarm company installer and a Manteca firefighter  all happened on a black plume of smoke coming from a home at 575 North Poplar at about the same time late Thursday morning.

The unidentified woman first saw the smoke coming from the back of the house soon followed by the alarm company worker who reportedly grabbed a garden hose and attacked the fire on the patio of the home.

It was seconds later that a Manteca Fire Department rescue truck firefighter Robert Jacobson spotted the smoke calling for engines as he checked on the severity of the blaze.  He found one woman in the home who was unaware there was a fire at the back of her residence.    

Monetary loss to the building was estimated at $3,000 and $1,500 to lost contents.  Fire damage to the deck was set at $2,500, $1,500 for the furniture and $500 for the damage to the structure.

Interim fire chief Kirk Waters laid the cause of the fire to a discarded cigarette that had been placed in a plastic container on the patio deck causing patio furniture to ignite.  The fire also caused damage to a rear window and its casing.