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• SEIZURE-PRONE DRIVER CONVICTED OF DOUBLE MURDER: REDWOOD CITY (AP) — A Northern California seizure-prone driver with a suspended license has been convicted for causing a double-fatal crash while having a seizure.

A San Mateo County jury on Wednesday found Rodney Corsiglia of San Bruno guilty on multiple counts of second-degree murder and vehicular manslaughter for the crash that killed two cousins in July 2012.

Authorities say Usbaldo Gomez and Arnulfo Picazo were inside a car at a red light in San Bruno when Corsiglia’s truck ran into them. Two others were injured in the chain-reaction collision that involved four vehicles.

Prosecutors say Corsiglia, a 51-year-old retired custodian, knew he posed a danger to the road but insisted on driving without a license. Corsiglia had caused seven seizure-related crashes between 2002 and 2011 when his license was permanently suspended.

He is scheduled for sentencing on July 30.


• CARQUINEZ BRIDGE JOINT SHOWING PREMATURE WEAR: MARTINEZ (AP) — The California Department of Transportation says a seismic expansion joint on the westbound side of the San Francisco Bay Area’s Carquinez Bridge has premature wear.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a Caltrans official explained the problem to an oversight panel Wednesday.

The $240 million steel suspension span over the Carquinez Strait was completed in 2003. Cracking on the joint started showing up two years ago, and a recent inspection found widespread problems in one spot.

The joint system expands and contracts as temperatures change and is intended to keep the bridge together during an earthquake. It was supposed to last at least two decades.


• OFFICER ARRESTED FOR ALLEGEDLY SELLING MARIJUANA: SAN JOSE (AP) — A San Jose police officer is out of jail following his arrest on suspicion of dealing marijuana that he kept at a storage facility.

Police say officer Son Vu was booked into Santa Clara County Jail on Tuesday on suspicion of possession of marijuana for sale. The 20-year veteran officer has been put on paid leave.

San Jose police Sgt. Heather Randol says police were called to a storage facility by employees who reported finding a substantial amount of marijuana.

Randol says police later determined that the 42-year-old Vu had rented the storage space.

Vu was released after posting $20,000 bail on Wednesday. He is due in court later this month.