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Proposition 31 at a glance
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What it would do: Proposition 31 changes California's annual budgeting process to a two-year cycle. It will require the Legislature to show what programs would be cut or how revenue would be raised if it decides to spend or cut more than $25 million.

Proposition 31 requires the Legislature to make budget bills available to the public at least three days before lawmakers vote on them, allows the governor to reduce spending in fiscal emergencies and gives local governments more flexibility in administering state-funded programs.

Support: California Forward, a bipartisan government-reform group, is pushing the initiative with major funding from billionaire investor Nicolas Berggruen. The co-chairs of California Forward are former state lawmaker Bob Hertzberg, a Democrat, and Thomas McKernan, chairman of the board of the Automobile Club of Southern California. The California Chamber of Commerce also endorses it.

Oppose: Labor organizations such as the California Labor Federation, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees California, and the California Federation of Teachers. The nonpartisan League of Women Voters of California, the progressive California Tax Reform Association and Health Access, which advocates for health care for the poor.

Campaign donations: Groups supporting the initiative have raised about $3 million, mainly from California Forward. Labor groups opposing it had contributed about $140,000 as of mid-September.