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Proposition 34 at a glance
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WHAT IT WOULD DO: Abolish California's death penalty. If the initiative is approved by voters this November, the 729 inmates on death row would have their sentences converted to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

SUPPORT: Major financial supporters include Nicholas Pritzker, CEO of the Hyatt hotels chain, and billionaire Charles Feeney's Atlantic Advocacy Funds, both of whom contributed $1 million each. The American Civil Liberties Union also is a supporter, along with several Silicon Valley executives and Hollywood celebrities. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, singer Jackson Browne and actor Ed Asner have each contributed.

OPPOSE: A long list of county prosecutors, law enforcement officials and crime victim advocates, including the California District Attorneys Association, California Peace Officers' Association and the California State Sheriffs Association.

CAMPAIGN DONATIONS: Proponents have raised $5.4 million. Opponents have generated nearly $230,000 in contributions.