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Vowing to Live like Tommy
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Some 125 balloons were released Monday afternoon from a crowd of 200 friends and family in a “Live Like Tommy” tribute to Tommy Wise, 25, who was killed in an auto accident Friday evening.

There were members of his past Scout troop among the mourners at Colony Park off Trailwood Avenue in the northwest part of the city launching balloons of their own.

The crash occurred, according to family members, as Wise and his mechanic were eastbound on Lathrop Road passing Cottage Avenue on their way to get parts for his moving truck at a Ripon truck stop.  Only the one stop sign for Cottage Avenue traffic regulates the T-intersection.

Wise, an East Union grad, was in the passenger seat of his Honda sedan when the car was T-boned by a northbound vehicle on Cottage that reportedly ran through the stop sign.  His mechanic received a slight concussion, but has since been released from the hospital, according to the family.

Wise’s 25th birthday would have been Monday.  Facebook and other social media sites have been overwhelmed with his friends urging readers to “Live Like Tommy” who was always there to help and befriend others – even those he didn’t know.

As of Monday night, there have been some 450 responses already to his death on Facebook – a show of love, friendship and respect.

His uncle Roger Wise has been named as the family spokesman for those wishing to leave messages for the family trying to survive their “crushing blow,” Wise said. 

The younger Wise and his fiancée Holly Haggerty were planning their wedding in the near future at Calvary Community Church where his funeral will be held on Friday at 2 p.m.

Holly and Tommy met at the Youth Group in the church and were inseparable, his uncle noted.

“That kid was really something special,” his uncle said.

Friends have been ordering “Live Like Tommy” T-shirts in a small effort to raise some cash for the unexpected expenses. 

The viewing will be held at P.L. Fry Mortuary on Thursday and from 10 a.m. to noon on Friday.  There will be a reception following Friday’s 2 p.m. services.