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Backs Denham effort to sell unused federal buildings
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I want to commend Congressman Jeff Denham for pushing to sell government buildings that aren’t being used. The article on Sept. 7 highlighted exactly what our lawmakers need to be doing to help fix our economy- look for ways to cut unnecessary spending.

It’s a no-brainer. If these government buildings aren’t being used, then why get in the way of businesses willing to give money to the federal government? Our government is in debt, and every dollar that is given back due to selling these unused buildings can only help us.

Social programs are suffering. Education is being hit. We’re living in tough times. The fix is simple: government needs to stop spending.

I want the person representing me in Congress to protect my hard-earned tax dollars. While Democrats are going around saying raising taxes is the way to solve our budget problems, there are people in office like Jeff Denham willing to stand up for taxpayers by finding common-sense solutions to help us get our economy back on track.

Linda Silverman
Sept. 8, 2012