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Believes voter photo IDs should be required
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I strongly think photo IDs should be required to vote. I also believe that the person should either mail or present their ballot to the polling places. I also believe that a stranger should not be allowed to collect the votes and turn them in. What if they steam the ballots open and replace your vote with someone they want to win then reseal the envelope? Did anyone else think of that? Your ballot is precious and should not be given away to anyone. You don’t know if they can be trusted.  Common sense tells me to protect my vote and I always will.  Did you?

How many of you did your homework before you voted?  Did you get to know the candidates and what they stand for?  Did you read the different party platforms to see if they match your beliefs?  Did you believe the many words taken out of context and lies told about the candidates?  Did you research them to see if they were true?   Did you vote with common sense?  Your vote is important and I hope you were prepared with knowledge.

 Linda Silverman

Vice Chairman

SJC Republican Party