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Bethany Home wasn’t represented on the Measure A advisory committee
letter to editor

 Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Regarding Mr. Dean Uecker’s letter to the editor on May 21 regarding Measure A input: Bethany Home’s point is that there was one resident and one employee (not a manager) on the Citizens’ Advisory Committee, and they were representing themselves, not Bethany Home. If the Ripon Fire District wanted a Bethany Home representative on the committee, it
seems a Ripon Fire District board member would have contacted the Executive Director
and asked who would make a good addition to the committee representing Bethany
Home. In most cases, other members of the committee were owners of businesses, ranchers and heads of local schools, all in a position of authority within their businesses.  This was not true in the case of Bethany Home and to imply that Bethany Home had “direct advocacy in the advisory committee” is not factually correct, since these members represented their personal views and were not there to represent Bethany Home.
The real point is that Measure A seeks to tax Bethany Home and its residents with an amount that represents a 600% increase on the fire tax currently being paid! We believe that is UNFAIR and is the sole reason Bethany Home must urge a NO vote on Measure A.

Dave Van Elderen Bethany Home Society Vice-President