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Break the cycle vote no on all propositions
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
One of the classic definitions of insanity is repeating the same action or process and expecting a different result.  Following this premise, our continual practice of electing career politicians becomes, by definition, an act of insanity.  At what point do we finally wake up and say “enough is enough”?  Anyone paying attention surely has noticed that the major political parties have only one overriding interest in mind – the furtherance of their own political power.  With so many examples abounding, let me point to one of the most recent and most obvious as a perfect illustration.

The State Legislature has nearly succeeded in destroying California.  Once the most prosperous and dynamic state in the Union, California now teeters on the brink of collapse.  Our transportation, power and water systems are wholly inadequate; commerce and agriculture are fleeing the business-hostile environment, and what was once the 8th largest economy in the entire world has disintegrated into fiscal ruin.  The Legislature, with its voracious passion for pandering and spending, has consistently refused to live within its means.  It managed to squander the budget surpluses of the late 1990s; in times of economic boom it ratcheted up spending accordingly; year after year it consistently fails to pass a balanced budget by the mandated deadline.  And in the latest budget debacle, we were well into the next calendar year before they got around to adopting a budget that still wasn’t balanced.  But wait, it gets better…

 After presiding over this financial fiasco with absolute impunity, legislators then had the astounding nerve to stick us taxpayers with the bill!  By jacking up our state income tax, our state sales tax, and doubling our vehicle registration fees, they have performed the political equivalent of befouling our front lawn and then rubbing our noses in it. But hold on, there is yet more...

 In the upcoming May 19 special election, we will be given the opportunity to “fix” our budget woes by voting ourselves further into taxation (Proposition 1A), authorizing a shell-game of shuffling non-existent money around (Propositions 1B, 1D and 1E), and pinning our hopes on the predicted proceeds of future gamblers (Proposition 1C).
Can anyone still doubt the profound disdain in which our government holds the governed?  An earnest message must be sent to the politicians of both major parties (the Republican sellouts were just as responsible as the Democrat majority).  Short of pitchforks and torches, there is only one language that career politicians understand.

First, vote NO on every one of these phony, deceptively-worded propositions – each one was authored by the very charlatans responsible for this mess.  Deny them their ‘quick fix’ and make them own up to the mess they’ve created.  They will prophesy of dire consequences if these measures don’t pass, but perhaps it is time for dire consequences.  Private individuals and companies must cut back when they run out of money – so should government.

Second, in all elections for the foreseeable future, vote AGAINST each and every incumbent politician, regardless of party.  It took us years to arrive at this sorry state, and it will take years of vigilant, informed voting and activism to reverse it.  Eventually elected officials will understand that they are there to serve and represent us, and not the other way around.
Ken Ross
May 8, 2009