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Charges Democrats will do whatever it takes
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The agenda of the Democratic Party is being exposed to the American people.  Two of their agenda items - global warming and health care - have shown the deception of fraudulent information, bribery as well as a cover up to hide the truth from the American people.

Just recently a world hoax was discovered, which is now referred to as climate gate ( and the lies and fraud surrounding the world wide scam of global warming.  America and the rest of the world had believed that global warming was a true fact and if any one disagreed, they were labeled as anti-environment.  However, through the discovery of leaked emails and documents from Hadley Climate Change Unit, it has been revealed that the information was falsified on purpose to show the climate of the earth was warming when, in reality, it has actually been cooling.  See The environmentalist duped the American people and the world with the documentary film promoted by Al Gore called “Inconvenient Truth”, where he received the Nobel Peace Prize for this convenient lie to advance the Democratic agenda and deceive the people with false data that the earth was warming.

The Democratic Party successfully targeted anyone who questioned the global warming movements by labeling them as anti-environment and against “Save the Earth”.   News corporations like NBC gave favorable coverage to the Democratic agenda including the advancement of global warming in its news coverage…

The Green Earth movement became so powerful that international treaties were signed and corporations and legislators throughout the world became “environmentally friendly” to combat global warming.  Now each of our own personal lives have been effected by this hoax to the type of vehicle we drive to our inability to extract our own oil in America to the “Eco-friendly” light bulbs we must use (which has mercury) but has been mandated by congress. (See articles/2008/ 20080326103035.aspx)

In effect, President Obama and the Democratic Party are still aligned to sign a treaty in Copenhagen regarding an issue that is fraudulent and does not exist.  The idea is to push America toward globalization by attacking capitalism as the cause of destroying the earth and the need of communist ideals and influence of government controls to save the people by saving the planet through a global tax and redistribution of wealth.

Now, with the narrow passage of health care, the Democratic Party has once again defied the will of the people through more lies, deception and bribes.  The government has again intruded on the people forcing some to buy health insurance or face jail while raising taxes and reducing coverage on those who already have insurance.

 To get this passed, the Democrats made numerous back door deals and bribes to add to this monstrosity of a bill.  Senator Ben Nelson won a provision exempting Nebraska from paying their share of costs for Medicaid patients, which the rest of the states must now pay.  This is expected to cost $100 million over 10 years.  Senator Mary Landrieu won $300 million extra for her state, which has been called the “Louisiana Purchase”.  Carl Levin made sure that certain insurance companies do not have to pay the new $7 billion dollar tax in Michigan.  Chris Dodd made sure the University of Connecticut got $100 million for whatever they want as well as $100 million for the building of a new hospital.  Each of these senators are Democrats bought with our tax dollars, which increase our national debt …

Now the government has expanded its debt and according to, our government has 106 trillion of unfunded liability.  Most of this unfunded liability is attributed to Medicare and Social Security, (See, which the Democrats have destroyed, leaving it unfunded and broke.  Our government should fix these programs before taking over health care and growing America into a nation of government socialism that is broke.
The Democrats will do anything to get their agenda passed, even if through deception, lies, fraud, and bribes.
 Frank Aquila
President of the South
 San Joaquin Republicans
Dec. 16, 2009