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Dont waste tax money saving city water tower
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Regarding Friday’s article about keeping the old water tower: It is an eyesore, unusable and said to be unsafe.

If it is unsafe, I’d rather see it taken down before it falls down and destroys something or someone. Will Mr. Cantu foot the insurance bill and maintenance costs?  I do not want my taxes spent on painting it orange to resemble a pumpkin. I agree with Mayor Willie Weatherford and Councilman John Harris.  There are better ways to advertise the  area as a pumpkin-growing region. 

If we can replace the tower with antennas that will bring revenue into the City, why not?  People complain about lack of funds for the City.  If I have to chose between an old unusable unsafe water tower that will need city funds to keep it maintained and painted, and antennas that will generate $775,000 to better improve city communications, and have a flag on it, I vote for the new structure. 

Linda Silverman
March 15, 2012