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Good things can come from chit chat
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Your column about the dying art of polite conversation (Dennis Wyatt:  “Dying art of polite conversation,” Jan. 2, 2015) really nailed it for me.  I have always said that “chit chat” makes the world go around. Who can be bored when there is a stranger in the midst who looks as if he/she has an interesting life? 

A few years ago, I went to New York to stay with my brother, Jim Lagier, who at the time was working for the AP.  I had a day alone in Manhattan and he warned me not to talk to strangers!  But, that is like telling Rush Limbaugh to shut up.  I sat down at the lunch counter in Bloomingdales, and sure enough, the lady next to me looked as if she had a story to tell.  And she did tell it.  I knew her whole life story before lunch was finished. 

My widow friend Billie and I went to South Lake Tahoe recently, and faced a somewhat boring evening because we don’t play the slots.  So we wandered past the slots at Harrah’s and wound up in one of the upscale shops.  We were the only two in the shop and the lady who was on duty was very bored.  So we stayed about an hour and had a hilarious time.  When we got ready to leave, the lady in the shop said, “We three should take a road trip!”

Just a few weeks ago, Billie and I met for lunch.  We usually get dolled up for these lunches out. We are thrifty ladies so we have to hit the  thrift shops, otherwise the day is not complete.  We were having our usual fun chit chatting, and the young girl at the thrift store checkout counter told us she thought we were pretty ladies,  and did we have any advice for her?  We had a great time telling her about our beloved deceased husbands, and what it took to have long and happy marriages.  She thanked us profusely.  Who knows, maybe we helped get her on the right path to a successful life.  All because of chit chat!

Have a wonderful New year, and happy chit-chatting!

Joanne Miller