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His Recovery car wash worth the visit
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I want to share with the community some good that is happening in Manteca every Saturday.  

For many months I would drive by this huge car wash that was taking place in the 7-Eleven parking lot in the Hafer’s shopping center.  Someone was always holding a sign that read, “Car Wash, His Way Recovery”.  Every time, I would debate whether I really wanted my car washed, even though it desperately needed it.  

My hesitation was only because I felt intimidated by the large group of people that were different from me; so I would keep driving on.  Finally, a few weeks ago I felt a nudging that I needed to take a chance and get my filthy car washed.  After all, with so many people working the car wash it shouldn’t take too long.  To make long story short, not only was this the best car wash I’ve been to but the people working there were one of the most friendly, respectful and real group of people I’ve met in a long time.  While I was waiting for my car to be washed I decided to ask one of the people working to tell me about their group, His Way Recovery.  The gentleman said that they are all working towards a cleaner life from various addictions.  

Every member (men and women) must participate in the car wash every Saturday. The money they earn ($5 per car) goes towards program assistance and use of church facilities.  Just as my car was ready someone yelled out that it was time for prayer for the next shift to come on. It brought me to tears as I watched this large group of people huddle in prayer.  They weren’t tears of pity but tears of joy that God was at work here in that corner in Manteca. There’s nowhere else in town that you can get a great car wash for $5 while helping people that are trying to help themselves.  To the people of His Way Recovery….You are not just washing cars every Saturday, but serving in a ministry that blesses others.  You can do all things through Christ….Phil. 4:13. God Bless.
 Annette Medina
Feb. 17, 2010