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Impressed with Phil Waterfords gift to a veteran
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I was deeply moved by Mr. Phil Waterford’s gift of a car to a fellow veteran. It appears that he really understands how precious life is, after coming so close to losing his. I personally think they threw the mold away when this gentlemen was created.

He sure instilled a feeling in the men he was so generous to in believing someone cares. This was an act straight from this man’s heart, for he ignored his financial advisor and did this anyway. He did this while there is a current downtrend in car buying. I don’t know where I stand with God, but I will pray that God shines on him and his family and business.

I ask everyone in need of a good car or truck to flood his business and purchase a vehicle.

I am always quick to say that Manteca has the friendliest people in the world and this applies to businesses as well. Thanks Phil for your unselfish gift to fellow veterans.
Fleener J. Richards,
May 28, 2009