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Its either put faith on God or government
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

With all the discussion going on regarding this being a Christian nation it seems like in the end there are only two choices.

The first choice would be to put our faith in God and live according the principles of the  Bible. Since 36 of the 56 members of the constitutional convention were in fact graduates of seminaries one could assume the comments found on early documents were in truth what they appear to be. So it would be reasonable to believe that the Biblical principles were intended to be part of the government. It does seem difficult to believe the intelligent men who gave birth to this nation would have been careless with their words on such crucial documents. So it could be believable that this was meant to be a Christian nation.

The alternative would be for us to put our faith in our government. The same government that President Obama said was the only one able to fix our problems.  In that case it would require the ability to overcome the broken promises from the Democratic Party regarding the changes in our government. We would have to overlook the broken promise for bipartisanship since speaker Pelosi changed the rules governing congress on the first day so as to restrict opposition input from the floor. It would require the ability to overlook the broken promise of a transparent government since so much is being done in secret and with smoke and mirrors to get their agenda would require the ability to overlook to broken promise of “no earmarks” when the legislation is repeatedly loaded with earmarks, including the new budget rammed through by the senate with over 5000 earmarks just this weekend. Somehow we would have to become naive to accept the actions of those ruling from the ivory towers telling the people regardless of the percent of approval that the rich and career politicians know better how we should live.

 We would have to accept speaker Pelosi’s word that as one from a rich family and married to a rich husband she knows best about how the average person should live. We would have to accept the fact that the new president who stated he found our constitution fundamentally flawed, that the government would really act in the best interest of the people, as opposed to special interests who give huge contributions to the party. We would have to accept blindly that the career politicians would actually act in the best interest of the people instead of doing what would further their own careers.on the surface it would seem that this option would require far more faith than believing in a loving God.

As for me and my house we will choose to serve the Lord. We will continue to vote according to our values. We will continue to have faith in our fellow man that they too will see the light and reject the current move towards socialism.

Jerry Johnson
Dec. 12, 2009