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Larry Baca says Trump & racism are interchangeable
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Apparently the difference between Fantasy and Reality is extremely blurred for a couple of our Far Right Republican friends. I refer to a couple of letters that appeared in the Oct. 24 Bulletin (Trump supporters: Are they racists?) by Frank Aquila and (Politics: Sometimes the truth hurts in elections) by Amy Sullivan.

In the first letter Aquila takes us through an encounter with a young Hispanic man that he contends is not imaginary with which he has a conversation about “Trump” and “racisim.” I know the two terms are interchangeable, but let’s pretend we are an uninformed Hispanic man who is somehow extremely confused as to where these two Trump supporters claim Trump stands on the issue and what he is on record as actually saying.  

According to Aquila, his candidate is the apparent Cesar Chavez like Trump who hasn’t a racist bone in his body. Never mind what is actually on audio and video tape where he is actually seen and heard saying things about Hispanics like “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people,” A few weeks later he added to that description, “killers” then at the last debate, “bad Hombres”, then further adding that Mexican officials were actually systematically shipping the “bad ones” over the border then claiming the judge presiding over his “Fake” Trump university fraud lawsuit, Gonzalo Curiel, could not be trusted to be fair because of his “Mexican heritage.” “He’s a Mexican,” he said. Of course Judge Curiel is not Mexican and was actually born in Indiana. 

During the primary, he tweeted about Jeb Bush, whose wife is Mexican-American and fluent in Spanish “..who cares that he speaks Mexican, this is America, English !” Not even smart enough to realize “Mexican” is not a language. Later he booted a prominent Mexican-American journalist, Jorge Ramos, from an Iowa press conference. When Ramos asked a question regarding immigration, Trump said: “Sit down. Sit down ... Go back to Univision!”. Crowds at Trumps rallies, for months have chanted “Build the Wall,” a rallying cry of thinly veiled racism.

Trump suggested the U.S. use a deportation force to make sure every illegal goes back to their home country below our southern border, including their U.S. born children and apply for citizenship from there. Clearly he was speaking only of “Hispanic” illegals.

During the last debate Trump admitted Obama was deporting millions of illegal aliens, so what would he do differently? I mean besides build an imaginary wall, which he claims Mexico will gladly finance. Does this sound like a Cesar Chavez Trump to you? Now remember that’s just about Hispanics. Hopefully, apparently unlike Aquila, you know about his well-documented comments regarding Blacks, Muslims and just about every other race not White or religion that’s not Christian.

Aquila adds that he also informed his clueless young Hispanic man of apparent gift bags handed out to every illegal alien crossing the border, which included every government service imaginable, absolutely free, including a fantastic jobs package that legal Americans coveted dearly. You know like picking lettuce, washing dishes, sweeping parking lots and street gutters or cleaning bathrooms. You know those coveted jobs White Americans stand in line for, apparently after standing in line waiting for the next iPhone at the Apple Store.

Finally Aquila ends his imaginary conversation claiming Hillary Clinton has KKK ties, apparently forgetting that David Duke, the Grand Wizard of the KKK, is on record as an avid Trump Supporter.

I can’t imagine any Hispanic man confronting a complete stranger with a Trump sticker on his car to ask them about their apparent pro feelings on racism, can you? I suppose living in a reality starved universe, claiming conversations with young Hispanic men is par for the course. I suppose if one can imagine a Trump Presidency, one can imagine just about anything.

Then there was the second letter by Amy Sullivan, she starts right off with the Saul Alinsky/George Soros/Marxist/Hillary connection. You know the same alleged connection they tried with Obama during his two campaigns, apparently forgetting how those campaigns turned out. Then she blames Hillary for the violence at Trump rallies much like Trump has been claiming those “fake” polls showing him losing badly, on the Hillary campaign. That same reality starved universe again?

Sullivan also states Aquila wrote “the devil is a Democrat”, which he actually did. But Sullivan tries to camouflage that by saying “..but did not call Democrats devils”. Oh, thank you Amy, that makes Aquila’s claim perfectly OK, right? That’s like saying “Jesus is the Devil, but Christians are not Devil worshipers”, please Amy, you are using way too much lipstick and it’s not working. 

Larry Baca