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Manteca is taking step backwards with sign rules
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Overall, the City of Manteca seems to be well-run and trying to revitalize the downtown area. Unfortunately, they are taking a step backwards by allowing sign wavers and A-frame advertising. The human signs are distracting to drivers and occupationally hazardous. The A-frame signs look tawdry, as opposed to enhancing the ambience of the downtown area. Additionally, they can block the sidewalks for pedestrians and if a driver slows enough to read them, he is creating a traffic hazard.

Most people, when shopping, have a destination in mind and would rarely be swayed by this form of advertising. Or, if they were walking down the street, looking in the windows is a more effective lure.

It would be interesting to see how many people eat or shop at these places due solely to the signs - probably not many. Is it worth all the red tape and expenditure for businesses to get insurance and for the City to provide enforcement?

Bekke Hess


Sept. 20, 2012