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Obama should worry about terrorists, not gays in military
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
President Obama just had his State of Confusion Address and while he whines, the CIA announces that we will likely get attacked in three to six months by the terrorists. Why is Obama worrying about gays in the military instead of our safety?

For all the complaints about Bush, he made sure we were not attacked again.  He had the terrorists questioned and waterboarded.  He allowed the CIA to wiretap their phones to make sure we are not attacked again.  He kept them at Gitmo.

A terrorist burns his genitals in his underwear on Christmas trying to ignite a bomb over Detroit. The plane fortunately did not get bombed nor did people die over Detroit while Obama plays tennis and has his drinks with shaved ice.  If Bush did that, our press would have attacked him; but they are silent about Obama.  What did Obama do to the terrorist?  He did not call him a terrorist but gave him a lawyer and all the other terrorists are going to get lawyers in New York or where ever and we will probably end up having to pay $200 million for security.  This is a bunch of bull.  They are going to get constitutional rights and more money is going to be spent on these terrorists!  

So we are going to get attacked again in three to six months.  Why?  Because the terrorists know we have let down our guard and we have gone back to the stupid mentality of before.  I just also found out that Obama is also cutting the funding of our border protection so more terrorists can also come in that way.

Plan your summer vacation safely and thank Obama because most do not have the money to travel anyway.
 James Simoni
Feb. 3, 2010