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Of feminized males & the oil companies
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

There’s a very old saying that you don’t send a boy to do a man’s job.  Mr. Currillo’s comment that it’s “wrong” to single out little girl soldiers, as being part of the problem in the new America-Lite, is spoken like a truly feminized male of the early 21st Century.  This kind of politically correct, feministic thinking is a major aspect of what is indeed wrong with the world today.

 If it weren’t for this kind of liberality, the Islamic War would have been long since over and the Middle East would be trembling in fear of the United States and clambering for rapprochement after the outrage of the 911 attacks; our military would be fully staffed and fully funded; our borders would be secure and illegal aliens would be rapidly seeking legal citizenship and classes to learn English; no un-American president like we now have would have ever been elected; the economy would be very strong because regulatory agencies would never have been allowed to become under-staffed and underfunded thus allowing Wall Street pigs to rape and rob the people!  Our school boards would be running the best public education system in the world as it has traditionally been.  But the corporate dictators that have usurped authority globally have seen fit to dismantle practically every safeguard America has always been fabled for all over the world.

So because we’re being set up to be a new world order under the godless United Nations, the United States has been intentionally made weak and mediocre.  And perish the thought that we should ever offend anybody’s feminized, equalized, globalized sensibilities anywhere!  Because the United States is no longer a city on a hill, the standard of the world that everyone looks up to; a power that gives evil pause before ever trying anything!  And Israel, God’s own chosen people have had to put up with the threats of Islamic bullies calling themselves Palestinians when no such nation has ever existed (but was an invention of the Roman Empire to keep a bunch of Arabic tribes under control).  I dare say that we are on the verge of Civil War II if something doesn’t give soon!  No, Mr. Curillo, it’s time for strong men to knock the hell out of the world!  And if Jesus doesn’t return soon, that is exactly what will happen. 

Understand me, I’m not calling for fascism (that would be wrong), I’m calling for a long overdue reckoning; time for the people to demand that traditional American values be restored on every level.  This means strong, tough soldiers, sailors and marines that can hold their own in a fist-fight, and enough of them to command the respect of the world; and barring that, let the world fear us again!  Can you feel the winds of change, Mr. Curillo?  The United States is the only country in the world that possesses neutron warheads.  Why should there be any concern whatsoever over Iran obtaining nuclear weapons?  I guarantee that they will not if the United States asserts itself now.  All the executives of Goldman Sachs should be behind bars awaiting trial for high treason!  And finally, I’m fed up with hearing about the budget crunch in America!  There’s plenty of money.  All we have to do is adjust the Oil Depletion Allowance ever so slightly and the problem would be solved.  The oil companies been given a tax-free ride since 1920.  It’s time for them to cough up their fair share!  Let the rich do what they do best and relieve the pressure.  They have no shame.
 Steven J. Catalano
April 30, 2010