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Recycling changes: Has City of Manteca tried to see what other cities are doing?
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

How much thought went into the “new” trash cart move? Do you remember how long it took the American people to start recycling their trash? We used to have the “use it — then throw it away” mentality. It took the longest time to change.

In Huntington Beach we used to put everything into the same barrel and the city did the sorting. Then in Moreno Valley they used to have three trucks come around and pick up whichever barrel you had out. Now it seems Manteca’s blue cart can be downsized and the trash cart enlarged.

Why doesn’t the city do the recycling? Surely there is a better alternative than throwing perfectly good items to be recycled into the landfill. We are teaching our kids to be wasteful. It took them years to un-learn that terrible habit.

I appreciate the city’s thoughts on saving money, but in the long view it is the wrong view. The landfills will max out sooner and other sites will need to be purchased. What will that cost the city?

I would suggest, as a taxpayer, you think this out again and start thinking outside the box. Have you ever tried to see what other cities are doing?

Ron Berger