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Says Weatherford has complete lack of manners
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

On June 7, I attended a packed city council meeting. Concerned citizens voiced their opinions on several topics. I have not attended a city council meeting in a few years and I must say I was surprised by a few things.

First off, I must compliment my fellow Manteca residents, I was proud of all but one of your comments (the near-to-the-last man that was booed off the podium was ridiculous). The citizens that spoke were articulate and had many facts to back up their statements. The second thing I was surprised at was Mayor Willie Weatherford’s complete lack of manners. How dare you repeatedly click your ink pen into your microphone when someone you disagreed with was at the podium speaking.

Mayor Weatherford also refused to answer several questions posed to him by citizens. On several occasions Mayor Weatherford refused to look at the citizen speaking or to acknowledge them at all. He looked at the ceiling, read papers, moved his chair around. Really? Is this how you have always handled yourself? I was embarrassed for you, Mr. Mayor. Lastly, Councilman Vince Hernandez and Police Chief Dave Bricker in my opinion were the only two paying attention and who seemed to care what the public thought on a number of topics. I hope before the next meeting Mayor Weatherford learns some manners.

Jessie M. Barrett
June 8, 2011