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Support Michael New legal defense fund
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin

I am often asked what can be done when it’s too late to work within the system. There is an American patriot that didn’t hesitate but took decisive action based on Constitutional authority.  

Michael New was an enlisted man in the US Army when President Clinton issued Presidential Decision Directive 25 (PDD 25) which authorized himself as Commander In Chief to ignore Congress, to ignore existing statutory law, and to ignore the Constitution so he could place American troops under United Nations command.  Michael New refused to wear UN insignias, patches and the emblematic blue helmet but fell out for reveille in his standard U.S. Army uniform; whereupon he was placed under arrest and after a long struggle was kicked out of the Army under less than honorable conditions.  He sued and his case finally reached the Supreme Court which found in his favor after 14 years ordering his discharge to be made honorable and making him whole for his monetary costs and time lost; thereby setting a precedent in law.

I heard about this case when he was first arrested and began supporting the Michael New Legal Defense Fund monthly which is still ongoing.  The PDD 25 was buried in the Clinton library and unobtainable, even by Congress, for years until recently.  (Clinton made these directives top secret to avoid any public outcry if the American people found out that he was handing our troops over to the United Nations on an unconstitutional basis.)  With this illegal document now in hand, the Michael New Legal Defense team of lawyers has the power to not only go after Bill and Hillary Clinton retroactively but also to stop Obama who last year proclaimed his support of UN peacekeeping missions by stating that “...the era of unilateral America is over.”

This unseemly President is being pulled up short on many different fronts and the upcoming election promises to be his undoing.  But the people don’t need to wait until November; they can support the Michael New Legal Defense Fund P.O. Box 1341 Merrifield, VA 22116-9902.  We the people have it within our Constitutional power to make up for the huge mistake which was made by electing Obama as president of the United States!  Whether you voted for him or not, the truth is now plain to see and the mistake must be corrected immediately!  God Bless America.

Steven J. Catalano
Feb. 21, 2010