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There is no disregard of community needs by council
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I am not able to understand Mr. Cantu’s letter of May 7, 2012, and his allegation that the “Council’s continued disregard for the community’s needs and fiscal mismanagement that has plagued this community for decades” and what exactly he is referring to.

Since my return to Manteca in 2001, I have seen the completion of Spreckels Park, Bass Pro, Costco, Woodward Park, Del Webb, Big League Dreams, and all the other businesses that sprang up as a result of these projects. Is Mr. Cantu saying that these projects, all completed in the last decade, do not meet the community’s needs and are fiscally irresponsible for the community?

Mr. Cantu, what exactly would you have done if you were Mayor or on the Council at the time these projects were presented to the City? I, for one, am glad that I don’t have to travel out of town for a Home Depot, Staples, Target or Costco and more so that the sales taxes go into the City of Manteca’s treasury. How can you say that there is continued disregard for the community needs and fiscal mismanagement plaguing the community?

Artemis Vourakis


May 9, 2012