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Total corruption of Trumpism
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Judging by Mr. Aquila’s latest rants in the Bulletin, he’s getting as “buggy” as Donald Trump. Muller’s investigation is now at Trump’s door, and expectations of damning evidence being released soon is not unreasonable.
The degree of falsehoods and accusations in Aquila’s latest letter can only be explained by an overindulgence of Trump TV (aka Fox News). His use of the talking points commonly used by Fox to frighten and influence its viewers is obvious. “The biggest scandal in American history”, “A Special Counsel of Trump-haters”, and of course the infamous “Deep State”, to name just a few.
There isn’t enough space on the editorial page to debunk all of Aquila’s assertions, so let’s just take a couple. Before the DNC hired them to do opposition research on Trump (by the way, a totally legal and routine action carried out by most large campaigns), Fusion GPS was already doing the research for one of Marco Rubio’s biggest donors. A Republican.
Another misleading assertion addressed an October 2016 FISA warrant obtained from the FISA court “using the dubious dossier”. In fact, the FISA warrant was the 3rd or 4th reissue of a 2015 FISA warrant on Carter Page; long before there was a candidate Trump or a dossier. The investigation into Russia’s interference with the 2016 election, and the possible involvement of the Trump campaign, came not from the Steele dossier, but from a drunken conversation by the Trump campaign’s George Papadopoulas with an Australian diplomat. A man who displayed more patriotism for America than most of the people in the Trump administration, by reporting the conversation to our intelligence community.
The lack of principles and patriotism evident in the Republican Party, and those who support it, is a disgrace. The evidence is clear that Russia interfered in the 2016 election; and are continuing to interfere with our ability to have clean elections in the future. The fact that Trump and the Republican party are doing nothing to correct this interference, or even acknowledge that it exists is suspicious. Is this the only way they believe they can win elections now? If there is a “Deep State” at work in this country, it lies within the Republican party. I would like to see my Republican friends and family hold their representatives accountable for this threat to democracy. The Republican Party was once a noble conservative organization, but it has been gradually perverted over the last few decades; leaving it open to the total corruption of Trumpism.

Mary VanDerostyne